Competitions’ Rules

The award has three sections:
Sezione Italia
This section is only for Italian authors and has no age limit.
Sezione Mondo
This section is for foreign authors and has no age limit.
A special junior award will be committed to one of the younger  mojoers.
the competition is open to every type of video work made with mobile devices. There is neither a minimum nor a maximum time limit.
The work has to be journalistic  (i.e. news bulletin pieces, reportages, etc.), furthermore video fiction works will be admitted if they re-enact, reconstruct, explain, try to solve or explain real facts which are or were subject of media coverage.
Date of production:
the work has to be produced between January 1, 2017, and the closing date of the present competition (see below)
Competition Closing date: 
last day for submission is the August 15, 2018.
the work will be subtitled in English using an online service chosen by our Festival
Tech specs:
the competition is only for works shot with mobile devices. They can be edited using footage from other devices (i.e. drones, action cams) for a maximum of 1/10 of their length. The use of archive footage or similar is allowed for a maximum of 1/10 of their length.
Powers of jury and selection committee.
In case of doubt or in the case of special circumstances which have not been contemplated by these rules, the present rules may be modified.
Jury’s decisions are final
The jury can decide not to assign any award in case of low quality submissions; it can assign ex-aequo awards, and can assign special prizes outside these rules.
Those who take part in this competition, automatically and for free authorize the Festival to screen their submitted works, to publish them on their website, social media, video channels and other media either through Mojo Italia or those of other media partners and press coverage
Italian authors (definition): 
Italian authors are participants with Italian citizenship or someone who was born in Italy and who mostly lives, works, or studies in Italy.
Italian authors who mostly work abroad, or who are are based abroad, can take part in the international competition.
In case of doubt, considering the partecipant’s CV, the jury will decide which section the author should be in.